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I had a hard time deciding which pets to feature in Cee Neuner’s Black & White challenge. Each one had so much personality!

I never realized before that so many of my pets were homeless before we took them in.

My first cat was Arthur Fluffarelli, or Fluffy, a regal long-haired tom with a mean disposition. Then Mouse, the sweetest tortie who was my best friend all through high school. She would watch for me in the window and always seemed to know when I needed cuddles. And later Phoebe, also a tortie, but a feral terror!

Big Guy started with a goldfish named Phil, then Black & Decker…and then too many fish to count. We adopted the Gr. 2 class pets, two brown gerbils, who we named Oscar and Felix. They were an odd couple! Big Guy’s hamster, Jack FM (after his favourite radio station), came from a pet store, but the next 3 were adopted for Little Guy: Rockstar, Guinea and Chloe.

Guinea and Rockstar were inseparable sisters. Their owner got sick and couldn’t keep them, so we adopted them. Guinea was small, black and white, and bullied Rockstar, a butterscotch tousled mess.

Rockstar was terrified of everything but always looked like she was smiling!

Class Clown

Chloe was a big girl with lots of personality!

The ultimate in laziness!

She liked to follow me around the house. We once had to take her to the vet because she knocked out her front tooth. She was happy to pose for my entry in the 4th Annual Contest of Whatever.

I’m hoping, once summer is over, that I can locate another rescue guinea (or 2). I’d love a cat but I didn’t marry a cat lover! Ha!

When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I see a soul.

A.D. WIlliams

Happy Wednesday!