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Sencha green tea is one of Japan’s most popular drink. It’s purported to be an energizing and detoxifying organic beverage, filled with antioxidants. Green tea leaves come from the Camelia sinensis plant. Once leaves are picked, they are pan fired or steamed, then quickly oven dried to avoid oxidization and retain fresh flavour. It can be served on its own or blended with other organic materials, such as fruits, nuts or other leaves. Green tea leaves plucked in morning can be steeped by evening.

David’s organic and kosher steamed green tea is from Mount Fuji, Japan. Unlike most green teas, it is high in caffeine. When I first opened the package, I noticed it had a strong grassy smell and it was also slightly peppery. So I expected the smell to translate into the taste. I was careful to steep it for only 2 minutes in a large tea mug because oversteeped green tea can easily become bitter.

The tea actually had quite a mild vegetal or grassy flavour but it was also a little bit sweet. I’m not a fan of green tea generally, preferring it to be flavoured or mixed with black tea, but this was pleasant. In fact, I steeped the same tea leaves twice. I sipped it while reading a book and enjoying the heady scent of lilac, in my backyard.

But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.

Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

Happy Monday!