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The apple blossoms are in full bloom in my backyard and the lilacs are nearly ready to pop. Spring is finally here! And with Spring, my tastebuds turn to summery, fruity flavours, like berries or peach.

Pomegranates aren’t usually considered “summery”, in part because they are in season from September to December. They are a tart fruit, like cranberries, and their seeds are rich, ruby-coloured jewels, much like the ornaments decorating our homes at Christmas. Pomegranate seeds have up to three times the antioxidants found in green tea or red wine, and boast many health benefits. Those include anti-inflammatory properties and heart health aspects.

Pomegrateful is a white tea blend from David’s Tea. It also contains apple, pineapple, hisbiscus blossoms, pomegranate seeds and blossoms, rose petals and stevia extract. White tea is the least processed form of tea, but it still contains caffeine. If correctly steeped, white tea appears pale gold, similar to a mild white wine. With addition of pomegranate and hisbiscus, I expected pomegrateful would be quite rosy. Instead, it was more amber. I also expected it to have quite a strong, sweet, fruit flavour, but instead it had a fairly strong grassy undertone, and it wasn’t very sweet. Other review I read were so-so. I would recommend not oversteeping as I sense it could become bitter, much like a green tea. As it cools, it began to taste more and more artificial, so it’s the type of tea best enjoyed very hot, and possibly very cold. I’m saving some to try as an iced tea in July! David’s website uses it in a Pomegrateful Spritzer Cocktail. That might also be a fun way to go!

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