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Mr. & Mrs. C live in my neighbourhood. I see them on a regular basis and I love it!

The other day, I caught an interesting exchange between this couple.

While Mr. C was walking in the garden, Mrs. C was glaring at him. She looked pretty cranky and I wondered if maybe he had said or done something stupid. Or maybe it was just too much togetherness, being in lockdown in such close quarters.

Too much togetherness sometimes makes me cranky too…

Mr. C joined her in the tree, and I thought “wow”, what a great opportunity to see them together. Cardinals generally mate for life, and they watch out for each other when they’re away from home, taking turns to eat and never staying in one place too long.

Male Cardinals will often bring the female things to help build their nest but she will do the actual building. Males also provide her with food when she is sitting on the nest.

It wasn’t until I looked at my photos up close that I noticed that Mr. C had indeed brought Mrs. C a gift.

Hopefully this token of his love helped restore harmony in their home. I’m looking forward to seeing if any little ones will soon follow!

It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is!


Happy Wednesday!