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Dear Diary – It’s been the kind of week where I start the day fresh and full of plans, including taking some time to be creative. By the end of the day, I’m wondering “what happened”? It’s not like I’m lying around in my pjs watching my “stories” and eating bon-bons. Although, that does sound nice!

I suppose I did go a little wild this week! It’s all a blur. I went to the drug store for some extra groceries, and Fabricland for a new sewing maching needle, since I shattered my last one. (I got some fabric too…shh…). I put gas in the car for the first time this year. I think the last time was in September. I picked up my tax receipt at the church and saw my chiropractor. I taxied my friend and waited in the parking lot.

And then I really threw caution to the wind and went through the Tim Horton’s drive-thru. O sweet elixir for the caffeine addict, enticing nectar from the camellia sinensis plant! How I have missed thee!

Dear Diary – Do rice krispy squares count as baking? If so, I baked this week. Last week, I baked blueberry scones. I hid 2 in the freezer. Shh…don’t tell!

Dear Diary – I’m wondering if quarantine has made us all retreat into our own little worlds more than we realize. Initially, we were so starved for human contact that we would post anything that made us smile. There was a phase where emotions ran high and tempers flared, so everyone took a step back or joined different “camps”. Gradually, posts began again but more selective. I’ve noticed fewer interactions on multiple social media outlets. I could count the number of condolences on the loss of a dear friend on one hand. There were people I expected to at least acknowledge this loss, and when they didn’t, I was disappointed and felt lonely. I’m not laying guilt trips on anyone; we’re all keeping busy. I’m just reminding myself that people are important, and unless I stay in touch, I won’t know what they’re wrestling with, and consequently, I won’t be there for them when they need me most. The world around us will always be changing but our need for each other won’t. Call, text or message someone today!

Dear Diary – Cheese does not cover all evils. Sure, it was lovely and gooey in the butternut squash lasagna I made from scratch, but it couldn’t quite cover the flavour of burnt!

With online grocery shopping for two weeks at a time consumming hours to plan and buy, and with the insane price of food these days, I’ve been exploring vegetarian options. I try to prepare one vegetarian meal per week, which is a challenge in a household of male carnivores.

First, I forgot to order lasagna noodles, so I had to make my own. While they were slightly ovoid in shape, they were silky and smooth. The difficulty, this time, was the sauce!

I have made bechamel sauce many times before, including in the pastitio I made for Valentine’s Day. I followed the recipe exactly and it should have thickened in 5 minutes. After 10 minutes of constant stirring, my arms were ready to fall off. By 20 minutes, I was pretty sure I’d burned off all the skin on my forearms. Little Guy took over so I could roll the pasta, but he couldn’t take the heat.

We gave up. Unlike my waistline, it wasn’t getting any thicker, and it was smelling scorched. Unfortunately, the squash was juicy too, so we ended up with a very wet, slightly scorched lasagna. The pasta was good. The cheese was awesome. So I’m thinking, next time…I’m making mac ‘n cheese, with a side of steak!

According to this box of mac ‘n cheese, I’m a family of 4!

Dear Diary – A few people have been posting pics on FB, following my dear friend’s passing. I have to say, we all still look pretty good! I was actually surprised at how little I’ve changed. I mean, I’m still growing….just rounder. My hair is blue, but it’s a creative choice not yet necessary to cover gray hair. It’s coming, as is a double chin and false teeth.

Speaking of teeth, I have to go to the dentist tonight and I’m terrified. I know there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. I don’t know why I’m so afraid of the dentist. Maybe it’s the fact that I had sooo many teeth pulled when I was a kid because my mouth was too small (no comments from the peanut gallery to the contrary) or a bad experience with a root canal. I fell off my bike as a kid and my face broke my fall. I could only eat yogurt for weeks. I hate yogurt.

I hate dentists more.

Some tortures are physical And some are mental, But the one that is both is dental.

Ogden Nash