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Does anyone else miss shopping? I don’t just mean the thrill of buying something new. I’m talking about the experience of it. The canned music and dull roar of people talking. The colourful displays. The texture of soft and silky fabric. The aroma when you walk by Cinnabon.

By the end of January, the Christmas crowds are gone and the big sales of leftover crap is over. The “new stuff” is coming out. It’s the perfect time to browse at your leisure, with no particular deadline (or in my case, put in time while I wait to taxi Little Guy home).

Truefact #104: Women who do a lot of shopping may tend to live longer. For women, shopping is a form of therapy and provides stress relief.

The end of January is also Chinese New Year, and our local Mall always has colourful decorations. They might this year too, but I won’t be there to see them. But this is what it looked like in years past…

And now you know one of my favourite places to shop. Thank goodness for online shopping!

I’m not a shopaholic. I’m helping the economy.
Shopping is my cardio!
I could give up shopping but I’m not a quitter!
When I get tired of shopping, I try on shoes.

Happy Wednesday!