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Dear Diary – After my foray into homemade portuguese egg custard tarts last week, I was left with 7 eggs whites and half a package of phyllo pastry. What to do?

First, I made unicorn poop meringues. And I did something right this time because they absolutely melt in my mouth!

I also made meringue crowns and served them with fresh raspberries.

Soaring on the wings of success, I embarked on the next baking challenge: French macarons.

The first time I made them, they were a bit of a disaster. The second, much improved. What are the chances the third time is the charm? Zero. Zero percent! Hubby and I discussed the advisability of leaving them in the oven longer (oven off) just like one does with meringues. I ended up with dry, cracked, lumpy husks of cookies. In addition, Hubby and I had ended up competing for space in the kitchen when I was making them and I forgot to add food colouring. So they were beige, dry, cracked, lumpy husks. At least the raspberry buttercream was delicious!

I’m scared to touch the phyllo pastry now.

Dear Diary – It’s been almost a month since returning to online Sunday services, (although we elected to to watch the services online even when live gatherings were permitted). After we watch the service, Hubby and sometimes Little Guy, watch Youtube videos. It’s usually math or coding, and I find something else to do. But occasionally it’s something very different. As a result, I now know what a Kerbal is, how to beat Pac-Man, and Who’s on First!

Photo courtesy of The Physics of Kerbal Space Program

Apparently you really are never too old to learn something new!

Dear Diary – As if Covid isn’t enough of a pain in the butt, my friend had to go for a colonoscopy! I dropped off my heating pad and some cookies on my way to buy a calendar. Actually I was picking up a prescription, a day late I might add, because with no calendar, it’s hard to keep track of the days!

Normally we receive a calendar from our 90-something year old real estate agent. You think I’m joking! But none arrived and I’m hoping that means she finally retired and just forgot to tell us!

I view the kitchen wall calendar as the quintessential tool of our household. Without those blocks to track appointments, exams, and out-of-town guests, life would be in total chaos. Without it, fees would be incurred for missed appointments, exams would be failed, and visitors (if any were allowed) would show up to find us still in our pjs, unshaven, unshowered and probably irritable.

The options were few: Horror movies, Dragonball Z, Harry Potter, Minecraft (which I seriously considered) or the one I did buy, Sassy Sayings.

With our province no officially declared in a “state of emergency” and living in one of the epicentres of covid extremisim, page one of the calendar was downright prophetic!

Page one displays the months of September to December 2020, with this sassy saying:

Reality: it probably could be worse