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Dear Diary – Monday arrived despite our attempts to ignore it. Hubby resumed work in the dining room (it’s such a long, difficult commute), and Little Guy resumed school in his batcave. They were So thrilled to be back! Ha!

And me…I felt a little lost! I filled my last facemask order just before Christmas. My “sanctuary” is mostly sorted. And the house is still relatively clean. If I aim for perfection I’ll just end up raising the bar, and why would I want to do that?

After my quiet time, I checked my instagram page. To my delight, I had tagged in a post. Prizmcare (partnered with Henry’s) had featured me as part of “Canada’s creative community”. They shared 5 pics from my unsplash submissions. I’m so humbled and so excited!

Big Guy is now a national model!

Dear Diary –  I did a crockpot chicken recipe which took almost 45 minutes to put together. I fail to see how that saved me time. It just meant I was busy earlier in the day, with twice as many dishes to wash up! 😉

Dear Diary – Tuesday was by far the most exciting day this week. I even dressed up. I figured, since I was leaving the house for the first in 2 weeks, and wouldn’t be leaving again for 2 weeks, I ought to take my new red plaid dress for a spin!

First I went to the bank. Actually, first I tried to get into the Bell store two doors down from the bank, but it was closed. I was so busy wrestling with keys, my purse, mittens, gloves, facemask and bank card, I didn’t quite look where I was going. Both storefronts are grey and blue, with barred gates just inside the door. Can you blame me?

Then I went to the drug store for nose spray. Next, my darling chiropractor, who was working in a different room because her torture adjustment bench was being reupholstered. And finally, I swung by my friend’s apartment to trade baked goodies!

I couldn’t stay for tea because I had a delivery coming. This week I took the plunge into online grocery shopping! With the terrifying number of Covid cases in our area, we decided better to try it while we are still thinking clearly. Or at least thinking somewhat.

In addition to the nagging concern that I forgot something on my list, throughout this whole scenario, I always have this nagging fear that we’re going to run out of food, (or money in the bank since the price of food has skyrocketed). It’s not like I can just pop in to pick up milk while I’m out painting the town like before Covid! I also dislike the idea of someone else squeezing my melons!

It felt a little like Christmas morning. First, a pleasant young man called to say he would arrive in 10 minutes. I sat on the couch nervously sipping tea, watching for “Santa’s sleigh” to arrive with my “gifts”. He carried two crates to my door and piled the plastic pouches on the doorstep. And with a nod of his and a wink of the eye, he waved at me in the window and drove away.

I unwrapped each precious parcel with care. Soup cans, cereal, cheese and sausages. Milk and cookies, and a box of chocolates. When everything was neatly tucked away and the plastic bags packed, I sunk into the couch (with another cup of caffeine) with a contented sigh. We should be set for another two weeks!

Dear Diary – I made portuguese egg custard tarts on the weekend. Unfortunately the recipe didn’t differentiate between celsius and farenheit, so I baked it too low. I cranked the oven when Hubby realized the error, and while they’re ok, they could have been great. Maybe…

Warning: Images may be yummier than they appear

Now I have 7 egg whites and half a package of phyllo pastry to make…. well…something….

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

Harriet Van Horne