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Dear Diary – Yesterday I met my parents halfway and we “celebrated Christmas” in a rest centre parking lot. We weren’t the only masked families lining the edges of the parking lot, swapping packages and gift bags between car trunks. Little ones chased each other around on the grass, squealing with delight. It was a beautiful sound (unlike the herd of elephants that live next door)!

Our visit was really short, probably no more than 5 minutes. It was cold. Little Guy took a picture of my folks on his ipad, and my parents took a pic of us. We smiled by instinct, even though our smiles are hidden by our facemasks. 🙂

We couldn’t hug, but it was SO good to be together! This is the first time in 47 years that I haven’t been home for Christmas. What a blessing to have such a long record!

On the way home, we listened to one of our favourite Christmas cd, The Arrogant Worms: Christmas Turkey. There were a few songs that just seemed appropriate for 2020! Santa struggles with his “huge debt accumulation”. Daddy is sick and contaminates the whole family. Maybe he was sick with Vincent, the “gift that keeps on giving all night long”. Santa Got Arrested, and the turkey is singing the blues.

Dear Diary – Hubby helped me make cranberry salsa. I carefully weighed out 12 oz. of cranberries. When I checked the bag, it was 12 oz. Not an auspicious start….


Pies and Hubby’s birthday cake are next. Wish me luck!

Dear Diary – Christmas Eve. 1980-something. It was one of the scariest Christmas Eves of my life.

My Dad was a firefighter. He worked shifts – days or nights. When he worked nights, I slept with Mom. I was a kid with an overactive imagination and wicked nightmares so I looked forward to the nights when I slept with Mom because I was “safe”.

Dad was working nights. My grandparents were staying over too, sleeping on the pull-out couch in the living room.

I was a naughty girl. I crept downstairs in the night to check out my stocking. I had to be quiet because my grandparents were sleeping in the next room…

…until they weren’t.

They decided to turn on the light and talk (thankfully only talk – lol). In the middle of the night.

I held my breath cowering in the half-light for what seemed like an eternity. I hugged the wooden bookcase, sweating in terror. My little pink nightgown did nothing to keep me warm. I knew the floor would creak if I moved so I stayed frozen on the spot. I prayed Mom wouldn’t wake up and come looking for me. I was sure I would get caught!

But eventually the light went out and they settled to sleep. I tip-toed back upstairs and crawled into bed, careful to keep my frozen feet from touching Mom. What a way to wake up!

No one ever knew and I’m pretty sure my late-night escapades were not repeated. But I could be wrong! Mwa ha ha!

Dear Diary – A friend posted this on Facebook, and I thought it was great!

Merry Christmas! And God bless us everyone!