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Dear Diary – Online shopping sucks! I get that it’s convenient, especially in the “Time of Covid”. I mean, who wouldn’t love shopping from the comfort of their couch, slovenly in their pjs, at the midnight hour. But still…

An article I read expounded on the positive merits of online shopping, which included: cheap, fast, convenient, and personalized. On sites like Amazon, one can literally shop for the whole family in one spot. No more sweating in full winter gear and shoving your way through the crowds in the mall halls to get to that one store in hopes of finding little Timmy that one thing his little heart desires. At the click of a button, there it is!

But what about when you don’t know what you want. Think of the hours and brain cells wasted online trying to be clever and find that perfect item. Normally, I browse. My first foray into the holiday hooplah is spent in reconnaissonce. Online, I not only expended more time searching, I had to consider other things, like is it going to arrive in time! I also spent more money on shipping than I had planned. A lot of sites boast free shipping when you spend a certain amount. What if I don’t want to spend that much? In the case of Amazon, a lot of items have additional shipping because it comes directly from the vendor, not Amazon. And if I require advice on which of an assortment of items to purchase? Good luck!

Last week, I burned time waiting online and on the phone to ascertain if my order had been accepted, when it would be processed and shipped, correcting an overcharge, and sorting out a wrong item received. I’m happy to report 2 good things resulted from my efforts. 1) I politely convinced a vendor that asking me to pay shipping to return the wrong item they sent me, after I already paid for shipping, didn’t seem very fair. The correct item is on its way free of charge (& hopefully makes it before Christmas) and I get to keep the wrong item too. 2) My David’s Tea order arrived unexpectedly on Tuesday. I never received notice it was coming. Glad we checked the front door.

Now for the other 5 items out there…somewhere…

Speaking of online shopping, I took a chance this week. I ordered a bookshelf with glass doors for my craft room/spare room. I think I’ll start calling it my Sanctuary, my place where I come to escape and create! I ordered on Friday – it arrived on Saturday! Hubby worked hard to put it together. I’ve puttered a little every day to make this space my own. I hope to post pics soon.

Dear diary – I may soon need to hire a PSW.

A couple of weeks ago, I met with some of our talented musicians at the church to record some Christmas music. Widely spaced and conscious of time, we dove right into the sets. Not only was it an incredible time of personal worship, one of the few things I miss with others, but we were united. It reminded me of a flock of birds murmuring together, moving as one body, anticipating the nuances and flow of each member and each carol. There’s a lot of history there but we were flying so high above it, that only our worship mattered. The first set was posted on Facebook and I shared it on my page, if you’re a friend of mine. I wouldn’t know how to get it here. 🙂

As always, I was running late. I wanted to dress up a bit for this evening since it’s the closest to an in-person service I’ll have this season. A fluffy sweater and jeans didn’t seem too much! Until I couldn’t get the collar of the sweater to lie down. Hubby struggled too but was more successful than I. It wasn’t until I was fixing my hair that I noticed odd seams around my shoulders and across my bust, and…did it shrink in the closet? I wrestled the sweater off, and to my dismay, I was wearing it upside down.

Don’t dress to impress. Dress to survive.

Karl Lagerfeld

At this rate, I’m not sure I’ll survive my senior years!