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Dear Diary – The squirrels remind me of kids. They work hard and leave the mess for Mom to clean up!

Half-eaten apples everywhere…

Dear Diary – Our telephone conked out sometime last Thursday and our internet started to flake out too. So we called the telephone company to arrange a visit on Saturday. In preparation for said visit, we moved some stuff blocking the modem in the basement.

A few hours later, Hubby noticed liquid sitting under the modem and some of those boxes. We feared the worst…a leak in the foundation. While I cooked dinner, Hubby cut away the drywall, but no issue immediately stood out. We decided Little Guy would have to move upstairs to his old room so Hubby could tear out the vapour barrier and insulation to find the problem. Bye-bye sewing space.

Sunday morning, after the online service, Hubby wandered down to survey the “scene of the crime”. A few minutes later he yelled up, “Found it”! Although we had peeked in all the boxes, thinking a misplaced juice box spilled or something equally silly, we didn’t check Little Guy’s old hot wheels carrier. Which I had moved the previous morning. Apparenty it’s had food liquifying in it…for potentially…years.

We think it may have been part of a cheeseburger…

Now I have a hole in the basement wall….

Dear Diary – I placed a Christmas order online on Saturday, but when it was processed, my points weren’t applied, as I asked, and I didn’t get my free stuff. So I spent 40 minutes on hold to sort it out. It got sorted…or so I thought.

On Monday, I noticed I was getting emails saying my order was incomplete and my items were going to be released. But when I logged in, my cart was empty. My order was there but said it was being processed. And it still had the wrong amount. And they had charged my credit card the wrong amount.

It was also Cyber Monday.

I waited online to “chat” for almost 2 hours. My friend was here when I started. I had time to drive her home, help her take her groceries to her apartment, and drive home again. I waited on the phone as well for 40 minutes before a cheery someone popped online.

It’s sorted. Supposedly. I’m still waiting for my refund and for an email saying my order has shipped. I expect it will arrive December 27th.

Dear Diary – I know now why most of my baking disasters are, well…disasters. I really need to read the recipes more carefully.

I made raspberry lemon cheesecake squares yesterday. Sort of. I purchased half the amount of cream cheese needed. Did you know that you can substitute yogurt for cream cheese….if you strain it through 2 papertowels…overnight? I didn’t have time to do that. I had already brought my eggs to room temperature. So I tried the same process in a hurry. I started with 1 cup of yogurt. I ended up with 1/4 cup of thicker yogurt, an empty paper towel roll and 3 extra, mucky bowls (and assorted spoons, spatulas, etc.). Then when I put it together, I forgot to cut the other ingredients in half. What resulted was a yummy square, albeit not very tall.

This time I got lucky! But next time… (and you know there will be a next time…)

Dear Diary – I always wondered, at the end of Lord of the Rings, how Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins could bear to part ways. They had experienced things together in an epic battle of good vs. evil, that no one could understand unless they had been there. I know I sound extremely melodramatic here, but I kind of feel like Samwise standing on the shoreline, watching a good friend depart on the next adventure. I want only the best for my friend, but I selfishly wonder how I can carry on, on this side of the shore, on my own.

Dear Diary – Big Guy texted me unexpectedly this morning. All he wrote was “If it doesn’t have a tail…”. Anyone familiar with Veggie Tales will know how easily Larry’s Silly Songs get stuck in your head. It’s in mine, and it’s set on “repeat”.