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It’s called the “golden hour”. The light at sunrise and sunset washes the sky and landscape in a rosy hue that is unmatched by any other light source.

I have always been of the opinion that if I was meant to see sunrise, it would be later in the morning. But I have ventured from my cozy bed on 4 occasions (that I can rememer): At the riverside cottage with the geese, the beach, Thanksgiving at my folks, and Christmas morning. Most of the time I stick to Evening (Night photography is still a great challenge to overcome). This Fall I ventured to the edge of the corn field and the neighbour’s lawn at my folks. You can’t shoot great sunrises or sunsets living in the suburbs of a city.

For Cee Neuener’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, she asked for Sunset to Sunrise. Rather than posting a bunch of photos again (though the text in blue above should open some previous posts), I chose two favourites: an older sunrise and a new sunset.

This Labour Day weekend, Big Guy posed for me, and Dad and I both tried to capture the image I had in mind. We came close…

This may not be the best sunrise, but it’s one that takes me to my happy place. Right now, it’s the best way to travel. Happy Wednesday!

Its a great big place, full of nothing but space
And it’s my happy place

source: https://lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/cornergaslyrics.html