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Dear Monday, I want to break up. It’s not you – it’s me. I ‘m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. xoxo

It’s been a day and it’s not over yet! I did something to my back last night, and while it’s better today, it’s not great! I had hoped to stay quiet but with impending bad weather, I decided to grit my teeth and make my weekly pilgrimage to the grocery store. I took my friend…which means a 1 hour job takes much…much longer. But I also appreciated the help.

I got home to find out my David’s Tea order is a mess, even after spending 40 minutes on hold on Saturday to fix said mess. Multiple emails say it wasn’t completed but my cart is empty. The wrong amount was still charged to my credit card, and after 3 hours of waiting online and on the phone, I’m losing hope it will be resolved!

Time to put the kettle on!

Not all good teas come from fancy stores. Admittedly, you get what you pay for and those fancy stores sell quality teas. But I raised to be a thrifty girl. Treats are treats because I don’t have them all the time! So I’m pleased with my President’s Choice Chocolatey Chai tea!

Chocolate Fixes everything…

This was an impulse buy on a drizzly day, just like today. Not only can I taste the chocolate, the undertone of spices enhance it. It contains roasted chicory root, carob pod, spices, cocoa shells, natural flavour, ginger root, licorice root, and cocoa. I find many of the chai blends have such a strong pepper taste, or such a potent ginger heat, that they are unpleasant (or I have to really be in the mood for pepper and heat). I’ve also found that many chocolate teas don’t taste like chocolate, or it’s so watered down, it’s limp! This was similar to S’more Chocolate Chai from David’s Tea, but this was creamier (and it doesn’t contain any cream). It’s also herbal, whereas David’s is definately caffeinated! Not bad for box of 20 satchets under $5.

Wanna know a secret! I’ve actually started opening a tea bag into a bowl, and I add a skimpy 1/4 tsp. to an infuser and drop it in my teapot in the mornings, with a regular black tea bag. The whole pot is infused with a note of chocolate and spice, and that, my friends, is balm for the soul.

Even on a crappy Monday! Cheers!