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Dear Diary – This morning, much to Little Guy’s horror, Hubby and I crawled in bed next to him. It’s his birthday! I resisted the urge to sing the traditional “birthday song”…first thing in the morning – I’ll sing it at lunch! He’ll be awake by then!

It’s hard to believe he’s turning 15! He towers over me and smells like a man. Where did my baby go? As we got ready for bed last night, Hubby reminisced about his white knuckle drive to the hospital at 5 a.m. It was snowing and the roads were slick. We passed one car in the ditch. But first, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for his morning coffee.

I imagine my Mom reminisced about her white knuckle drive at midnight. She drove up to stay with Big Guy, even braving all the highways to get here. We shared a cup of tea before she went to bed, some time after 2 a.m. What Moms are willng to do for their kids!

Happy Birthday Little Guy! We love you!

Dear Diary – Why do they always go for the nose? Or the face? Did it think my nose is an exotic cave to be explored? Was there treasure in there? We had one fruit fly that was determined to follow me from room to room to flutter around my face. I looked it up. Fruit flies are attracted to decomposting fruit and veggies, as well as moisture and carbon dioxide. Obviously they aren’t concerned about Covid-19.

Dear Diary – I’ve noticed lately that we have more trains running through town. I’ve also noticed they’re much longer trains. I’ve noticed them every time I’m sitting in a long line of cars waiting at the crossing, counting the cars.

How long, are you asking? Some trains have as many as 7 engines, spread evenly throughout. Last week, instead of walking to the mechanics again, Hubby started to drive me. But, just as we turned the corner when a train came along with 3 engines. I hopped out and sent him home. I tried counting the cars, but it’s a lot harder when they’re rumbling by face. They don’t smell good either.

Dear Diary – I ordered some Christmas presents from Amazon this weekend. I rarely shop online. I prefer to browse in person so I can see it, touch it, smell it, etc. Everything I ordered estimated arrival by Dec. 20. But once I had finished my order, those delivery dates changed to “Dec. 14-Jan. 5”. We may be celebrating Christmas in January.

Dear Diary – I am not short – I am fun-sized!

This week Hubby and Little Guy had fun asking me things like, “how is the weather down there” or “are you cold…because heat rises”, all because I’m “closer to the ground”. Just to add insult to injury, they also asked me, “are you getting shorter”?

I was not amused…