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Dear diary – This past weekend, the sun wasn’t shining on the glorious leaves, and the nip in air was just plain nippy! The perfect season for Holly Homemaker to fill my head with visions of yummy, hearty home cooking. And I fell for it…again!

I made ginger carrot butternut squash soup for lunch on Sunday. And to appease my growing men (the direction they’re growing depends on the age), I cheated and made bisquick biscuits. Normally I make them from scratch…and I should have! The biscuits were raw, deformed, pasty rocks even after double the time they were supposed to cook. Microwaving them didn’t help! They tasted awful! Was it my oven temperature? Had the milk spoiled? Nope! Hubby solved the mystery … the bisquick mix had expired in 2011!

I also made homemade lasagna filled with hearty vegetables, ground beef and lots of cheese. Except I didn’t quite have enough noodles left in the box. (Yes, I checked the expiry date)! So I decided to be creative. The bottom layer was lasagna and the second layer was macaroni.

– Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Finally,  I wanted to use the pastry shell I baked a few days before, so I made a lemon meringue pie, from scratch. It turned out beautifully before. I even squeezed my own lemons! What I ended up with was a tart, lemony soup with a perfect meringue crust. I didn’t have quite enough cornstarch…

If Holly Homemaker is smart, she’ll run for her life!

Dear diary – On Saturday, I tackled the piddly job of edging along the ceiling in my spare room/craft room/sanctuary. Not only do I have to hold my breath and concentrate so I don’t splooch paint on the ceiling, I have to climb up and down to inch the ladder around the room. I had one foot to go when I ran into a second obstacle (the first being the paint can lid!). The bed! Fortunately I had a big strong “man child” to roll his eyes at me and shove it out of the way, with one foot.

On Tuesday, my friend came over to roll in the room while I was in my Zoom Bible study meeting. As it turns out, she is not only a “live large” kinda gal, but a forceful painter. She slopped away with the force of a hurricane. After carefully, tediously edgining the room and around the doors and windows, watching my friend made me cringe. There was paint dripping down the walls, smudges on the floor, and brush boops on the ceiling. Why can’t I look a gift horse in the mouth, and what does that mean?!?!?

In the end, it looks great (except for the ceiling boops). She slathered the paint on so thick, it only needed one coat. Which is good, because the paint can is nearly empty and I fear I may never get it open again! Aunt M’s trick with rubbing alcohol worked like a charm and the floor smudges are history. I’m almost feeling hopeful that I’ll be moved in before Christmas!

Dear diary – The website, unsplash.com, is hosting it’s annual photo contest. It’s a website for photographers to share, for free, their exquisite photos. I might use the term loosely though since they let me create an account and add photos too.

I perused this years categories. Architecture, film, and fashion aren’t really my strong suits. Interiors are a bad idea. Since there’s no risk of someone stopping in for tea, I confess I have let some of the housekeeping duties slide.

My house isn’t dirty – it’s lived in!

There’s also street photography, people and health & wellness. All require leaving the house. Next!

Current events? Who wants to look at Covid-related photos? As for other world news, it requires leaving the house…I’m not sure my cooking and baking sessions would count as Experimental! So I submitted some photos for Nature. There are over 4.8K entries. Wish me luck!

There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.

– Abraham Lincoln

Dear diary – Today I got to be a working girl. Not that kind of working girl! I got a call from my former boss asking if I would be willing to help with a small project. I am!

Today I fixed my hair and put on make-up. I left the house in “dressy” clothes as opposed to jeans, leggings and flannel shirts. I took a travel mug with tea for travel farther than the grocery store. Sitting behind my desk felt like coming “home”. I have mourned leaving this job terribly, and even though this project will only take a few hours, some of which can be done in my living, it felt good to contribute again. I mean, in a way apart from beautifying the world with my fabulous face masks! 🙂

Dear diary – Last night, minutes after putting the clothes in the dryer to fluff them (I hung them out to dry), we heard a horrendous crash downstairs. Little Guy was in the bathroom upstairs so I couldn’t blame him.

Half an hour later, when I went to get the clothes, I discovered shattered glass in front of the dryer and scattered across the floor in the clothes waiting to be washed. In fact, whatever had broken had flown across the whole room! Thankfully I noticed before I ventured too far in my bare feet.

Several hours after I cleaned it all up, scratching my head as to what had broken, it dawned on me. I had carried the freshly washed glass pie plate down in the laundry basket and I must have set it on the dryer. The dryer shook it off…and the boys won’t be eating lemon meringue soup any time soon. I wonder if they’re disappointed?

Hubby asserts that it’s called a pie dish because plate comes from a French word that means flat, and it has sides on it, so it can’t be a plate. What do you call the container in which you bake a pie – plate or dish? Curious minds want to know!