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Dear Diary – This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving and I was very blessed to be able to go home to do it. My parents and aunt have been part of my “bubble” since the beginning. In fact, I lived with my folks for most of March, all of April and May, and parts of July and August. The only thing that made me sick, from time to time, was too much Discovery channel. But then my Dad could say the same with so much HGTV bingeing! 🙂 Turkey sales were down across the country because smaller gatherings meant less desire for endless days of turkey. Tonight will be Day 5 for us. Hubby didn’t go with me and I provided him a turkey and all the fixings.

The youth group held its first outdoor meeting Friday night, so we drove down Saturday morning. For once, I was up, dressed and packed, waiting for Big Guy to arrive. He arrived with Tim’s! You know how much I love my Timmies! Can you imagine how I suffered in that 2.5 hour car ride with a hot steeped tea sitting beside me, and I can’t touch it? Torture!

I really needed it after I thought I was being pulled over by the police. I was cruising just under 120 km in the driving lane. Now before you judge me, I was neither the fastest nor the slowest car! When I spotted the police cruiser, I was nearly past him. I quickly hit the brake and time slowed down. I saw the car shift into gear and back tire start to move, just as his cherry lights came on. I panicked, and not wanting him to pull into the side of my car, I signalled and switched lanes to pass him. I could see his lights flashing in my peripheral vision, and then the siren started to wail. I wailed, “is he after me? Does he want me to pull over?”. I saw Big Guy’s head turning to the right as the cruiser flew past me…to pull over the navy minivan that had flown by me seconds earlier. Sweet relief!

Knowing holiday weekends are always a flying trip, I wasn’t planning to bring any craft supplies, but it didn’t work out that way. First, while I still haven’t replaced my broken irons, I did restock my fabric pile. Second, my friend still hasn’t stopped selling my masks. She exhausted my supply nearly a week ago, and by the time I arrived at my folks, I had orders for 22 more. My friend called Saturday afternoon and bumped it to 28! I spent a large part of Saturday and Sunday afternoon cutting out pieces. So did my Mom and my Auntie M. Mom made delicious meals; Auntie M baked a delicious green tomato pie! Family always comes through!

Guess what I’ve been doing this week?

The only distraction Sunday afternoon was listening to Big Guy try to do his grandmother’s yoga video. He only yelled at us once because our tittering in the kitchen was louder than the soft-spoken instructor. He yelled at her once too, something about “that’s already the speed I breathe”. Is it possible to breathe wrong?

When I stopped hearing the groans of a dying wildebeest, I peeked to see if he was still alive. He said the video was boring, but he might shop for another one. He must have been bored stupid, because he was watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. As for yoga…

I have a bad feeling about this!

Obi-Wan Kenobe

Happy Thanksgiving!