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Dear Diary – It’s official! I celebrated my duoversary this week – meaning I have been studying Italian on Duolingo.com for 6 years! Yet I am no closer to walking the streets of Rome. 🙂

Dear Diary – Sometimes it’s helpful to have outgoing friends…and sometimes they drive you insane. My outgoing friend has been selling my masks in her seniors’ building, which has kept me chained to my sewing machine. Unless I’m tied to the phone because she is changing or adding to the list to make! 🙂

This weekend, I broke my iron. I had set up the ironing board in front of the kitchen counter, so I wasn’t ironing ON the new kitchen counter. Makes sense, right? Only, when I took the board down, the cord was stuck in it. I noticed it, and in slow motion, reached for it but it was too late. I chipped the plastic pretty good by the cord. And it leaked all over the table about 12 hours later, narrowly missing power cables for a computer, and a power bar. That would have been a shockingly bad thing!

So in addition to a new iron, I decided Monday morning to go to Canadian Tire for 2 lamps. Hubby broke his bedroom lamp with the swivel arm, for reading in bed, and Little Guy needs better lighting in his bat cave. I took my outspoken friend.

First, we went to the Canadian Tire next to the grocery store (even though I already knew they didn’t have one of the lamps I wanted), because my outspoken friend didn’t believe me. Guess what? They didn’t have it!

Next we got groceries, a tedious job as always.

Then we drove to the other Canadian Tire, taking her shortcut, which landed us in a construction zone, and a large detour. While this Canadian Tire said they had 12 lamps, we couldn’t find any. Nor could we find any employees. Eventually, we flagged down someone stocking Christmas decorations, and they called for someone else to come…After a long wait, it turned out it was a “new item”, and was still in the warehouse. I mean, it had only been on sale in a flyer for 3 weeks and the other store was sold out, so sure…We waited another 20 minutes while they guy went looking in the warehouse. I’m sure he just disappeared in the back for a smoke. We gave up. I bought a more expensive lamp for Little a Guy…which I confiscated for my sewing desk.

Meanwhile, I went looking for a light for Little Guy’s dungeon. There was one on the shelf. The box had been opened. In fact, there were open boxes on the entire shelf of desk lamps. Maybe a michievous elf who stowed away in the Christmas shipment was running amok in the empty store?

We took home our groceries, that were still thawing in the trunk, and I took her home. Of course, I had to go up to her apartment…you get the picture! The whole misadventure was a 3 hour tour.

BUT, as if all that hadn’t made for a long day…I had to wash a bunch of fabric too. I had some in a bowl on the floor in the kitchen, waiting to cut out more masks. Because doesn’t everyone do arts and crafts in the kitchen? I was moving a stack of cans and they toppled over, knocking my mug of tea off the counter. The cup landed in a grocery bag and was fine, but the tea…the tea sprayed all over my fabric and patterns, and the floor, and the back door… Hubby helped clean up. Did I mention I was in the middle burning cooking dinner too? 

In total, I cut out 20 masks and sewed 15 on the weekend. And my outgoing friend sold them all…including the winter bear ones made with fabric I bought less than a week ago…and I have another list. Sometimes it’s good to have an outgoing friend. We’ll have to shop again. This time we will buy an iron.  Dear Diary – My friend gave me an extra iron she had BUT it leaked like a sieve when I went to use it. Now  my socks are wet and I’m storing 2 irons on my back porch. Just great! Dear Diary – It’s very difficult to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock when I’m sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed. Lately, I have become a very restless sleeper. I’m awake when I’m tossing and flipping blankets and pillows, but I can’t get comfy. I’m too hot, I’m too cold. Maybe it’s related to the raging inferno of my dying youth. Or I need to break up with my bed. We’ve had relationship issues before. I figure the best solution is to just turn the alarm off!