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Dear Diary – I was all set to paint the new office/craft/spare room, aka My Sanctuary, when I hit my first serious obstacle. I thought packing and moving the majority of “stuff” would be the challenge. I never anticipated not being able to open the paint can! The lid isn’t the standard metal lid I’m used to wrangling, but a rubber cap that was intended to survive a nuclear holocaust. After some intense straining, profuse sweating, and mumbling under the breath, I stormed into my room to be “enlightened” by a Youtube video! How did we ever survive before the internet? The 5 second video demonstrated how to twist and pop a tiny circle in the lid. That resulted in more straining, sweating and growling. I still needed Hubby’s help.

Have you ever tried to stir a quart of paint with a stick in a hole the size of a gas cap? What happens if I don’t clean it well and the paint dries and I never get it open again? Will my room be forever a motley smattering of blue and yellow? Do I really need another can of paint stacked in the laundry room? I know I don’t need a quart-sized paper weight! This is not a good design!

After several days, being unable to work for any definite period of time because I’m old and crippled, the edges in the room have either 1, 2 or 0 layers of paint. It’s a good thing my mind is still intact and I know which is which, or I could be painting edges forever. Having a bed in the room that’s basically…the size of the room…hasn’t helped. I can’t just pick up and move the ladder at whim. It requires forethought and a pair of manly arms, which just aren’t available during the day. The arms, not the forethought, although there are days…

My goal is to get this room painted before the snow flies.

But while the room is going painfully slow, I was able to complete another painting project! Sure there was sweating and grumbling involved too, mostly as I sanded paint off the hinges (who paints hinges!?!?!) and masked the inside. I wasn’t too happy peeling off bugs that wandered in either (I was painting outside), but I’m very happy with the result!

Woe to the man who dents or scratches it first

Dear Diary – I found this ad in a Christian music magazine. Whoever made the decision to use this tag line (and the imagery isn’t helping either) really didn’t think it through, did they?

Let chili and cruciferous vegetables inspire sounds inside you…but stay away from me when the sounds start to come out!

Dear Diary – My friend has been a huge help in selling my face masks. In fact, I have 8 to cut out and sew this weekend. One morning this week, still blurry eyed and tousled after I stumbling out of bed at a respectable hour (after 9 a.m.), Hubby tells me, “D. texted me some questions about masks. I texted her back to ask you. She texted back that she hit the wrong contact”. I started laughing because the day before she was chuckling at another older lady who, within an hour of D. calling her, ends up calling D. accidentally. I told Hubby this and he told me to “have fun with that!”.

D. is quite a character and loves to laugh. She can handle some serious ribbing too, so I texted her “Hey! Old lady, are you hitting on my husband”?

Within a minute, my phone was ringing and we had the biggest laugh. That isn’t such a bad way to start a day! And I will definately be bringing it up again! 🙂

Dear Diary – I was asked to not be late again posting my weekly diary post…I guess that means someone is reading it! Hurray!!!!! Love you Mom! xoxo

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first. – Matthew Jacobson