Dear Diary – Last weekend, my parents visited for the day to help with a number of projects. While Hubby and my Dad worked outside, Mom and I tackled my evil plan: moving Little Guy into the basement so I can turn his room into a spare room/craft space. The first step, after the disappointment with the bed, was the bed rails, and Hubby did that weekend before. Now we had to clear a large bookshelf, relocate boxes and furniture, and move his crap dresser and personal effects down. It was a slow process. There were so many books. There were even more mature dust bunnies! Miraculously I only uncovered one spider; I screamed and stomped. The little guy never stood a chance!

We kept enlisting Little Guy to move the heavier things. He was not impressed. At one point, I sent him to deliver a pile of books to Hubby’s room, and he never came back. I know I instructed him to drop them off, not read them! I caught him chatting with a friend on the computer. Sigh…

Meanwhile, the guys trimmed the hedge (which had quite the Covid hairdo) and covered the holes around the posts on the backporch. For the next several days, we listened to ensure we hadn’t boarded Mama Squirrel inside. We’ve seen and heard her since, charing squirrels twice her size and cussing at us! Sorry sweetheart!

I had hoped to start painting Little Guy’s room, a lovely soft shade of blue, but it was nearly dinner time when we finished. Why is it everything takes so much longer than expected?

Still, I’m very thankful for my parents help. We all earned a day of rest!

Dear Diary – It was disgusting. I store certain food items in plastic containers, including rice, my rice container was empty. A few weeks ago, Hubby bought a 2kg bag of rice. As I started to pour it into the container, I noticed thick chunks of rice melded together with something black. I had kitty litter rice! Even though the bag was sealed, the rice was mouldy. Good thing I was planning on cooking potatoes!

That was almost as disturbing as the day I started preparing burgers for dinner. I had a creamy veggie casserole in the oven, burger buns thawing, the condiments all set up, and the grill hot. That’s when I discovered I didn’t have any burgers.

We had hot dogs on burger buns instead…

Cooking requires confident guesswork and improvisation– experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way.     Paul Theroux

Dear Diary – I dyed my hair blue again, no simple task with one frozen shoulder. It took me over almost 2 hours and multiple yoga poses, to apply the dye, but I have to say, it’s much better! I knew it was turning pretty green but didn’t realize just how green!

Dear Diary – “Don’t you find plaster fascinating”, my grandmother asked my brother years ago, as they worked away. My brother, always polite, answered uncharacteristically, “no”. Now, whenever we hear the word, “fascinating”, we tell that story. It took me 2 days to plaster all the holes in Little Guy’s room. Not because I’m terrible at the job, but because I kept finding more and more pinholes from posters and art projects over the years.

Now, if I can just figure out how to get the lid off the paint can!

My home looks like it’s losing a game of Jumanji…