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I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill. – Fats Domino

Green tea is one of the most popular types of tea consumed in North America. It’s packed full of health benefits. And to reap those health benefts, 3-5 cups of tea are recommended per day. Green tea does contain caffeine, with approximately 33 mg per cup; black tea is approximately 50 mg. Green tea is also approximately 99% water, so it’s a great way to rehydrate.

But…when drinking flavoured green teas, one needs to watch out for added sugar. That’s one of the reasons I like Tetley green teas – they don’t use any sweeteners.  

I’m not a big of green tea, but I find some flavours with a green tea really help to tone down the grassy or bitter flavour I associate with it. Tetley’s Blueberry Green tea was delicate and sweet, and very aromatic! In a blind taste test, I’m not sure I would guess blueberry, but definately I would guess berries.

It’s best enjoyed hot. I find, as with many teas and not just green tea, that it becomes more bitter as it cools. Pay attention to your steeping time. Green tea that is steeped too long, regardless of brand or flavour, will go bitter, and there’s no way to fix it!

This was perfect for a Sunday afternoon with a good book and a healthy treat…except maybe for the few berries I sugared! lol

Blueberry Green

Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea. – Rev. Sydney Smith

Happy Monday!