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Dear Diary – As part of the final “hurrah” of summer, we watched the production, Esther, live-streamed from The Sight & Sound Theatre in Pennsylvania. It was fantastic and we really enjoyed it, up until the climax when our internet started buffering and the screen froze. We waited for an hour, hoping it would sort itself out. We know how the story ends, but it was still disappointing.

The day I left, I had to first record myself singing and playing the piano for Sunday’s worship service. Our church has just opened, but for a few weeks, the service will still be pre-recorded, especially as so many have elected to continue to worship online.

It went well for the most part. I only had to restart the last song seven times (once was because I hit the wrong note on the last chord). I used Mom’s keyboard, propping my music and phone on her piano behind the keyboard; the phone only fell off twice. Unlike a boy scout, I wasn’t prepared. I hadn’t brought “church clothes” when I came, so had to settle for a white blouse covered in little watermelons. I should have paid more attention to my own “melons” which were modestly covered, but still too prominant in the frame and not in a flattering manner. Also, I was looking above the phone, not at it, because I reading the music…and the words, which I occasionally got wrong.

I talked to the pastor after I uploaded it (but not about my melons – that would be inappropriate) and I thought we had decided to leave my face for the reading at the beginning, then switch to blank screens with the words. He would add guitar and harmony; there would be sound, but not sight.

I don’t know what happened between Tuesday evening and Sunday morning, but there I was, full frontal, singing over everyone’s heads. I cringed for the full 10 minutes. Note to self: Be prepared for everything!

Dear Diary – I seriously need to find a hobby that doesn’t require so much “stuff”. It only took me an hour to make this much mess (and that doesn’t include my tiny desk)!


Dear Diary – So school started last Thursday. By Wednesday evening, we still had no idea what courses Little Guy had, what time he was supposed to log on for virtual school, or where to log on. I was receiving frantic texts from another Mom at such a rate, I thought my phone was going to explode. Little Guy logged into the system and his schedule listed 8 courses for Sept-Feb…It’s a semester system and there are only 4 periods per semester. By 8 p.m. he had received 1 email from one teacher.  By noon Thursday, 3 emails. Around 2 p.m. he received the final email, which was for his first period class. But “class” had started at 12:30. Guess he missed it?

It was not an auspicious beginning.

Hubby, in the meantime, hasn’t taken time off in the summer like the rest of us. He’s struggling to find the motivation to work. Me too. The house is a disaster, the garden is overgrown. Even our little red squirrel has moved out! I’ve developed some bad habits during lockdown too.

I was in my kitchen washing dishes when I realized – I’m late for Facebook!

Good news! We’re still eating.

My friend and I went grocery shopping the day after I arrived home. To say I was “in a mood” would be a gross understatement. But I warned her.

Anyway, I finally had a good experience at the store. My cashier was sweet and soft-spoken. She told me about the store specials. She offered to help me pack my bags (which they aren’t doing in most stores). And she even gave me an extra bag for  my eggs and she didn’t charge me. I left feeling in a much better humour.

After we put groceries away at both our homes, we picked up Tim’s and went for a walk in Tim’s neighbourhood (since park loos are still closed and you just never know…) This Tim’s is in a plaza, which includes a grocery store. We were stopped at the light, when my friend noticed a guy waiting at the light with burger buns on the roof of his car. Others were noticing too and honking their horns. As my friend darted into the intersection to stop him, the guy turning right also stopped to flag down the burger bun dude too. I was shocked that so many people were piping up to help. As my friend walked back, another car (turning on the red light) honked at her for being there. My friend, who is NOT shy, threw her arms in the air and yelled “give me a break”. Then she pointed at the guy getting back in his car, with a bag of burger buns. This woman actually stopped, rolled down her window and apologized profusely, thanking my friend for helping this dude. And the car….was a Mercedes! I’m not saying all Mercedes drivers’ are jerks, but I’ve met more than my fair share of “I own the road, you despicable paeon, get out of my way!”, so much so that this merited mentioning.

Buns were saved that day!

p.s. The last Mercedes I saw and noted, was weaving through holiday traffic….and a few minutes later we passed him pulled over by the cops! I cheered. Little Guy glared at me. He didn’t understand my joy at this guy’s misfortune (even if he was being a dangerous jerk). Wait until he becomes a driver…

Mother Nature is so providential. She gives us 12 years to develop a love for our children before turning them into teenagers. – William Galvin