Dear diary- We were watching an “oldies” song show Friday night ( mostly because we were too tired to wrestle the remote from my Dad). Suddenly Big Guy’s head snapped up and he blurted out, “panties from heaven? What kind of song is that?”. It was “Pennies from Heaven”! As we sang along with the bouncing ball, we started to laugh harder because of some of the lines:

It felt so good to hear his laugh!

Dear diary – After the spaghetti challenge last week, it is a wonder I even considered making ravioli, but I did! To a point, it went remarkably well, although slow. My only major issue was the dough sticking to my template, and the cookie sheet, and my fingers. It didn’t help that I was distracted by a psycho bird.


I’ll get you, my pretty…

This little guy kept flying between the window and the feeder insisting on seeds. Even after seeds were provided. The distraction was the way he’d fly in front of the window and then…bounce off the window face-first. He was so tiny! We pulled down the awning. He flew under it and continued his odd behaviour. Maybe he wanted better seeds? So Big Guy stood outside in front of the window, holding seeds in his hand. Psycho bird just flew behind him and bounced off Big Guy’s head, after Psycho bounced off the window. Eventually Psycho gave up.

Maybe he wanted ravioli too! It was delicious!

Dear diary – Big Guy went home on the holiday Monday. After he left, we were so depressed, Mom, Dad and I sat on the couch eating chips and binge-watching HGTV. We ate the whole bag. Then we had McDonald’s for dinner. Sometimes you just have indulge in a little grease!

Dear diary- How is it that we can deeply mourn for that which we never had?

Over the last several months, I had devised a plan. If Little Guy wanted to set up shop in the basement, why not move all his furniture and stuff down, and make his bedroom a spare room/office/craft space? It would give me an alternate place to hang during the day, while Hubby is working in our only living space and Little Guy is in school online. Especially as the temperature (and snowflakes) start dropping; the back porch is a less appealing to place to sit and read a book!

As a bonus, moving down Little Guy’s twin would mean turfing the giant queen-sized mattress, which overwhelms the limited space of the basement.  And I could purchase a cute little daybed for upstairs!

I spent hours over the course of the last few weeks searching for the perfect daybed – appropriate price, size and appearance. I narrowed it to 3.

I arrived back in the city on Tuesday, garbage night, ready to kick the queen to the curb. But, as Hubby and I began to discuss what we had to move in order to drag said queen to the curb, Little Guy suddenly tuned in to the months-long conversation and piped up that he wanted to keep it.

I went from being the kid at the Fair with a shiny red balloon to a kid at the Fair holding a scrap of rubber.  That feeling of loss spilled into the following morning, and I contemplated hiding in my room for the remainder of the year. Maybe with a new mattress for me since the relationship with my current one has become rather lacklustre. 

Get busy living or get busy dying. – Stephen King

Instead I got busy living and planning, and while I haven’t decided on a plan, God answered prayer through a friend. Did I need a set of rails for a queen? She knew someone who was getting rid of theirs. Now I have a weekend project. If the queen is staying, she needs to move in properly!

Dear diary – It’s important to keep one’s eyes open to the opera of the everyday. This is a masterpiece. The final rose of summer. Neglected all year, and yet bursting with all the fullness of life!

Sept 2020 (4)_ed

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. – Melody Beattie