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Dear Diary – Last week I posted pics of some of the masks I have sewn, which generated 1 new order. But she asked for black, which precipitated another trip to Fabricland. Two days in a row? Cool! I’m like a kid in a candy store – overwhelmed by the colours and possibilities.

Black is very popular. I called 4 different Fabriclands within 30 minutes of home. Only 2 stores had any left and I was told that if I wanted it, I had to come “now”! So I called my friend to help navigate and we set out. She chose a less direct route (28 minutes away), which would have been fine except:

She told me to stay in the right lane. I needed to be in the left. We missed our exit onto the highway. Plan B was a detour through a neighbourhood with speed bumps. The extended loop took us back to the same exit to the highway.

As we rounded the curve, we were met by flashing lights. Lots of flashing lights. Someone had been naughty – their car was lying on its roof. We were forced to head east; I wanted to head west. Plan C was to head north at the first intersection and weave our way through another warren of houses. We ended up very near my own neighbourhood.

As we finally turned to head west, my friend pipes up, “Only 15 minutes to our destination”. “Okay,” I said, “but you said 20 minutes to our destination like 15 minutes ago”. This only made her laugh.

We arrived safely, after another detour through an industrial neighbourhood, more than an hour and a half later. I really needed to pee, but the public restroom was closed.

Inside I met a stressed out Mom with 2 kids in tow. Her Mom wanted to make masks for the kids for school, but this Mom was lost! I explained what she was looking for, and where, and how to read the labels on the bolts of fabric. She was very appreciative! When I last saw them, the tween was whining that she hated the pink hearts, and the little boy was oblivious and picking his nose. Mama looked beyond done!


I got black and those masks are mailed. And I think the guitars look good!!

Dear Diary – I spent part of an afternoon visiting a new friend in my neighbourhood. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful space, and a beautiful lady! She had plenty of feathered friends in her yard, and none of them pooped on me. It felt like a great, “normal” day!

Dear Diary – I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in my household who is eating. I’m not the only one who sweats in their sheets and uses the loo! And yet, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one cleaning up dirty dishes, sweaty sheets and … you know! It would be nice to have a wife!  The toilet paper roll would never be empty; the dust bunnies would forever be extinct. 🙂

Dear Diary – This summer, I have been learning how to play the cajon. A cajon is rectangular wooden box  with a hole in the back to let sound escape. You simply sit on the top, leaning back slightly and tap for either a bass or snare sound. It’s lightweight and transportable, and a lot easier to learn than a drum kit!

This summer, Hubby has started learning video mixing, so before I left for my parents for the final hurrah of March Break, I passed on a recording of our fearless leader on guitar and vocal, and a recording of me on vocals. I was setting up to play the cajon and making a pointing about my nano-head and ginormous upper body, when the camera snapped a pic. The photo was hilarious. I’m pretty sure so was my recording.


Obviously, I’m not posting THAT photo!!

“I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drum all day”.