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David’s Tea Kashmiri Chai is inspired by the traditional tea originating most likely from the Kashmir Valley in India, which is made with green tea leaves rolled into small balls (aka gunpowder tea), milk and baking soda. It is also called “noon chai”, “shir chai”, “gulabi chai” or “pink tea”. Even though it is labelled “chai”, traditional Kashmiri tea has a delicate and floral bouquet, and may use only a small amount of spice, usually cinnamon and cardamom. The milk is whipped so it has a creamy texture, and it is usually served with shortbread or pastry. Once a drink to the royals, this treat is not an every day indulgence.

David’s version is more delicate than some of their other chai blends, it is still boldly spiced with  organic cinnamon, organic cardamom seeds, organic ginger, organic cardamom husk, and organic clove buds. The base is organic green tea, and it is enhanced by organic marigold flowers. The trace of florals is most notable in the smell of the tea, but I thought the spices, though an enjoyable combination, overpowered them. It is less peppery than other chai I have tried, but the clove, in particular, was quite pronounced. I also observed a bit of heat from the ginger. You could add milk, sugar or pistachios to enjoy it in a more traditional manner. But you have to hurry – I just noticed it’s on the “Last Chance” online, which means it’s going…and it may or may not come back!

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She was a blend of pink ‘Kashmiri chai’ and ‘black tea’ poured in the same cup. -Tanya Jamal

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