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All good things must come to an end…including the availability of Live Wire Lemon tea at David’s Tea. David’s suggests it is similar to Electric Lemonade, Lemon Cayenne Cleanse and The Buzz. This light, lemony blend of tea contains apple, ginger, lemongrass, yaupon, and lemon peel. Yaupon is similar to mate with energizing properties, and is a sustainable plant native to North America.

Live Wire Lemon2

Reviews I read from other tea drinkers was all over the place. Some complained the lemongrass was overpowering, the ginger was too strong, or the lemon too tart. Others raved about the balance of all three.

So what did I think?

Live Wire Lemon

This tea is refreshing served hot or cold! It reminded me more of chamomile tea in that it was light with grassy notes. The lemon was subtle but it was present, not overly sweet or tart. And yes, there was just a hint of heat from the ginger, but it was warming and bright. I don’t drink a lot of “lemon-y” teas but this one is a contender.  My favourite is still Lemon Pound Cake, another David’s tea that was discontinued last year. Why do they keep doing that?

When life hands me lemons, I make chocolate cake
and leave haters wondering how I did it!

Happy Monday!