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Laurel & Hardy. Lucy & Ethel. Laverne & Shirley. Shaggy & Scooby-Doo.

All comedic classic duos that captured our hears and made a lasting impression.

I have 2 more…teen squirrels. A couple of red-headed, thundering scamps whose adorable cuteness make your heart melt (so that you overlook the poop). As each day passes, these rascals are exploring their world more and more. They can hang upside from the brick and swing from my chair like nobody’s business, and my clothespins have never tasted so good.

We’re not sure 100% if there are 2 or 3 teens, or if Mama has finally lost her baby belly and she’s joining in the fun, but they sure are entertaining!

best side

This is my best side

double trouble

Double Trouble

did you say something

Did you say something?

pretty posing

Pretty pose


Sharing Secrets

low profile

Keep a low profile

Plotting evil


who me

Who me?

Yeah, buddy! I’ve got my eye on you!

Happy Wednesday!