Dear Diary – I’ve been home in the city for a week. I arrived on a Wednesday, and was ready to go back by Thursday morning. I’ll spare you the details. We’ve slowly adjusted to our routines and expectations. For example, I expect everyone to not wake me up. If you’re lonely, get a dog!

Our house is small. There are only 2 rooms on the main floor: living/dining and kitchen. Hubby’s “office” is the dining room, which means we have to be quieter, especially when he starts talking to himself. It usually means he’s on a conference call. Hopefully that is what it means.

Little Guy has set up his “office” in the basement. It felt like there was no place for me. I’m a member of this family, not just the maid.

I feel like I’m a teenager confined to my room again. Little Guy helped me get my DVD player going again. At first, I had picture but no sound. Then sound and no picture. Now I have picture and sound…but it’s black and white, even though it used to be colour. Close enough! It took some creative thinking and Little Guy’s muscle, but we moved his small desk into my freshly cleaned room to make my “office”.

It’s kind of lonely. Maybe we should get a dog,

Dear Diary – I miss my wife. While I was at my parents’, I tried to help with things like meals, dishes, cleaning and laundry. But I know Mom did more than me. It was nice to have someone buy the groceries, plan the meals, change the beds, and weed the flowerbeds. The toilet paper roll was never empty; the cookie jar, always full. I never had dust bunnies chasing me down the hallway or science experiments growing in the bathroom. She even shooed the spiders. Every morning I stumbled out to a fresh, hot pot of tea.

Like a Proverbs 31 woman, she clothed me with a face mask and a sundress…using the pattern I bought 14 years ago It’s a maternity patter which suits my “pandemic binge” bod. She made a dress 14 years ago too when I was expecting Little Guy, but the “girls” grew faster than my baby bump and it never fit. Evidently, it still doesn’t fit.

But I digress.

Everyone needs a wife; even wives need wives. – Meg Wolitzer

Dear Diary – It started mid-morning, a constant rumbling. Was it thunder? The sun was shining. Fireworks set off by a drunken idiot? Gunfire by a disgruntled Wal-Mart shopper? Godzilla? This IS 2020 and the beginning of June. Is this part of Level 6 in Jumanji?

Nope – our Mama red squirrel had babies and they’re now rowdy teenagers playing tag in the ceiling of our back porch.


I have so many photos for next Wednesday…

Dear Diary – My friend asked me if I could drive her to the bank to make a deposit. She’d be in and out in 5 minutes. Tops! Two and a half hours and 4 banks later, her quick job was done. After sitting in my car in the parking lot for two and a half hours in 30+C heat, so was I.

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17a

Dear Diary – I finally got the snow tires removed.

Dear Diary – Hubby received an email today, with an attached email, with an attached email, with an attached email about a document that was supposed to be attached but was not attached. It would appear COVID-19 doesn’t kill stupid.

Dear Diary – I set up a table in the driveway to take some photos for Monday’s “What’s In My Cup” blog post. My neighbour from down the street wandered over to what I was selling. He was disappointed I didn’t have cookies.  I did bake “cookies” the day before, but I forgot to set the timer…

Dear Diary – Today I have to get groceries. and I admit, I’m a little scared. If people weren’t courteous or patient in the past, I doubt very much that COVID-19 has changed things. Most people don’t move over on our evening walks and the kids try to run us down on their bikes. I think the global motto is this:

We’re in this together (but me first)!

I may rush to the back of the store where they keep the bread, and grab a boule and a baguette to use as a shield and sword. En garde!