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Dear Diary – I sent out an SOS on Facebook for 2 round cake pans. One of the friends who responded even offered to have her husband deliver. But I didn’t think he’d want to deliver 2.5 hours away. One way. But I appreciated her offer. I took Pastor Ann up on her offer because she lives closer. I’m baking my birthday cake!

Dear Diary – Mom and I went for a walk in town today. I brought my camera. After walking and snapping shots for 30 minutes I realized…the camera was set on manual so most of my photos were going to be blurry. On the way home, we decided to swing by Pastor Ann’s for the cake pans…we thought we should call ahead, but neither of us knew how to work Mom’s phone. 10 minutes later, with tears streaming down our face, we got it to work. After we got home, I struggled to close the trunk on my car because my shoulder has been trying to freeze up. Normally, I have to stand on my toes and stretch to reach anyway, but now? More laughter ensued. It feels good to laugh. It didn’t feel so good to laugh when I got stuck in my t-shirt getting ready for bed…

Dear Diary – I remember what it’s like to drive in a small town. There are slow drivers everywhere. The closer I get to them, the slower they get. And they scowl at me in their side mirror.  I went to the gas station first. There was a line up. There’s room for 6 cars but everyone has to huddle on the 2 ends like passengers on a bus. The guy in front of me looked like a mountain man. That’s not unusual in the best of times. The bed of his red pick-up truck was full of boxes of 24s and he was filling 5 red gas cannisters. That is unusual. I felt like I was in an apocalyptic movie, just hours before the panic really starts to set in and the zombies show up!

After the gas station, I went to the LCBO and there was no line up! I needed pink champagne for my birthday cake! I had a pair of latex gloves with me and I started to put them on as I walked to the store. But the fingers were stuck together. What followed can only be described as an apoplectic display of sheer lunacy as I struggled to put on, not one, but 2 gloves. People entering the adjoining pharmacy, walked around me with a wider berth than the prescribed 6′ and stared at me, horrified. Red-faced and sweating profusely, I turned to enter the LCBO, only to discover it is closed on Mondays.

Dear Diary, I breezed out the door around 10 this morning, shouting over my shoulder, “Mom, I’m going to stand in line with the degenerates outside the liquor store”.  There was a line up of scrawny, tattooed mountain men outside…

When I went back later, there was no line. I wish I had a photo of the door clerk’s face when I asked him where I could find pink champagne: utter deer-in-the-headlights shock! He didn’t know if they still made pink champagne, so he enlisted the help of another clerk. This clerk had a goatee, that he had braided into an 8″ braid. I just wanted to snip it off. No pink champagne. “Regular” champagne was $70/bottle. Really? So I bought some sparkling pink wine instead. We’ll see how this goes. If it fails, I already have some wine.

While I was out I popped into the pharmacy next door to buy some Manic Panic blue hair dye. Love the product name. Desperate times, you know.

Dear Diary – Dad and Little Guy took some brush to the woods today. They stopped at a local bakery on the way home for nanaimo bars. Instead of a bikini this year, I’ll be wearing Mrs. Roper’s mu-mu.

mrs roper

Dear Diary – it’s been 1 day since I had Tim Horton’s. Dad and Little Guy picked up tea and muffins for my birthday lunch yesterday. It wasn’t steeped tea because the gal at the store refused to sell my Dad 2 cups of steeped tea. He was only allowed to have 1. Apparently there was some discussion…I don’t know all the details, but I had tea (bagged) from Tim’s. And it tasted slightly like town water which is… a unique flavour. But it counts! So happy!


Dear Diary – I baked and decorated a pink sparkling wine birthday cake. As always – big excitement, bit expectations…multiple difficulties and tears. It didn’t turn out pink. I wondered when it seemed orange before I baked it. It was yellowish instead, but very moist. I was very disappointed. The icing looked spectacular but it came at a price too. First, made a half recipe because I didn’t want icing left over. Images of Mrs. Roper’s mu-mu haunted my dreams. Even though I spread it thinly in the middle, and even though I didn’t ice the outside, it wasn’t enough. I had to make another batch. Second, I didn’t realize it was too thick until I had it in my piping bag, and it didn’t want to stick to the cake…So I had to scrape it out and thin it out again. By this time I was greasy up to my elbows. The counter and floor were getting slick too…


If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it!

But it’s a cake fit for a princess. Happy birthday to me!