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You know that moment when you close the cupboard and you hear something fall? That’s the sound of someone else’s problem.

Since I can’t go shopping for tea anywhere, other than online (which just isn’t as much fun since I can’t smell as I browse), and since I’m getting a little bored with the few teas I brought with me, I decided to root through my Mom’s cupboards yesterday afternoon. Don’t worry…I didn’t leave a trap for her. 🙂 But I did unearth a sachet in a flavour I haven’t tried yet:  Tazo Berryblossom White Tea.

White tea is packed with antioxidants because it undergoes minimal processing. It is caffeinated, but has less caffeine than green tea. This Berryblossom tea contains both white tea and darjeeling, as well as natural huckleberry flavour and natural cranberry flavour.

Maybe I’m becoming a tea snob, often sipping from loose leaf teas that actually contain fruit and nuts, but what does “natural ___ flavour” mean? This essentially means that an oil or protein was sufficiently extracted from a natural source like a huckleberry, to count as essence or “flavour”, rather than being completely cooked up in a lab from scratch (i.e., artificial flavour).

This tea sachet described this berry blossom tea as “a delicate white tea with tinges of huckleberry and white cranberry”. White cranberry has the same health benefits as red cranberries; it is slightly less tart and contains less of the flavinoid that provides the red colouring.

The tea sachet had an inviting, pungent berry smell that reminded me of blueberries. There was also a slight whisper of something floral. I steeped the tea for longer than the recommended 3 minutes because it was such a pale colour. White tea is normally very pale but in this small tea cup, I expected it to brighter than it was. After 5-6 minutes the colour did darken, but I may have oversteeped it because it was also slightly bitter and very grassy. It reminded me more of a chamomile-flavoured tea with a slight hint of berry at the back of the tongue. My Mom smelled it and thought it was peach.

I read several reviews from different sources and most rated it 5/5, so if you are a fan of chamomile and don’t mind caffeine, this could be an option for you. 🙂

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Peter was not very well during the evening. His mother put him to bed, made some chamomile tea; ‘One table-spoonful to be taken at bed-time’. -Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Happy Monday!