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It’s finally the weekend (and I know I wished you a happy weekend yesterday) but I firmly believe that even though every day seems the same, it’s still a good reason to get excited.

This Friday’s Tune is just for fun – because sometimes we just need to pop on the radio, dance around the living room and enjoy being alive! So throw on some flannel and live in the moment!

The Arrogant Worms are a group of university pals who began recording in 1991. The best way to describe their genre is as a group that paradies all genres. Many of their songs poke fun at various aspects of daily life in Canada. Their on-stage banter and interaction with the audience makes watching them in person a real delight. We went as a family to see their First Farewell Tour last November for Little Guy’s birthday, but without Little Guy. He was sick! 😦

She’ll drink you under the table
And steal your booster cables
Canadian girl!

Canadian Girls_ed

Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, Happy Weekend!