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Dear Diary – It’s been 41 days since my last Tim Horton’s. It’s been even longer since my last affair with Henry (O Henry)! How long do I have to leave Little Guy’s Easter candy alone before I can safely eat it? I’ve offered to help. I’ve hinted. I’ve cajoled. So far, no it’s still sitting on his dresser calling my name, mocking me in the middle of the night… It’s not Henry (O Henry!) but it will do!

Mom and I learned how to make flowers out of coffee filters this week. I watched a video on learning to play drums. And I’m considering tackling that icing thing again. I also talked Mom into posing for a photo for a future blog post…I looked at the photos later and I look like I have an ax stuck in my head. I need a nap!

Dear Diary – Today I made the big trade with Hubby. I traded him food and t.p. for a few necessary supplies. While he was unable to find my throwing ax and my donut stamps, he did find my cookie cutters, chocolate chips, yeast, blue hair dye (what’s left) and Hunger Games book. Most importantly he brought the Xbox 360 and every game that will work on that system. Some I didn’t even know we had! He was able to tuck in a few others things, like a couple of t-shirts in case it ever stops snowing, a few DVDs, several cans of spray paint… and nail polish, black to match my mood.

On Friday, I dragged myself to the grocery store early (i.e., sometime after 9 am) and I was lucky 13 in the line up. Here in a small town, the line-ups are relatively new. Being Lucky 13 meant I was #1 in the line up…outside. At least it wasn’t snowing…

Once I got home, I washed all the groceries. All the bags. All the boxes. Then I dried all the groceries. All the bags. All the boxes. Then I packed all the groceries…you get the picture. By the time I was done (2 1/2 hours later), my trunk was full and I was exhausted!

On Saturday, Little Guy and I headed west on the highway to meet Hubby at the service center half-way home. The sun was shining and the traffic was light. So was my heart. I was going to see my sweetie after nearly a month!

We parked in the middle of the virtually empty parking, with a space between our cars. Gotta practice social distancing. Little Guy and I watched from a distance while Hubby unloaded 2 bins of our crap (and a bag of my prescriptions – thank you honey) and swapped it for several boxes of groceries. It was pretty windy and the chill didn’t help my need to pee. But only the drive-thrus at the service center and the Tim Hortons were open. We were in a wide open space, not a bush to be seen, and plenty of drivers lined up for snacks both north and south of where we’d parked. It was at least an hour’s drive home. What’s a girl to do?

This is one time that being petite has its advantages. I can’t reach the top shelf in the grocery store but I can fold myself into the floor space behind the driver’s seat. While I was practicing yoga so I could pee, sight unseen, into an old Tim Horton’s coffee cup, Hubby and Little Guy were chatting outside in the frosty wind, pretending they were stretching their legs and in no way connected to this crazy person in the car. I’m quite certain everyone in the drive-thru knew what was going on, but again…what’s a girl to do? Getting undressed was the easy part. The hard part was not being able to see anything but my knees. Did I actually pee in my car? Yes, I did. Did I make a mess? No, I did not. I didn’t spill a drop! Strange thing to be proud of, but there it is. Full confession.

Hubby and Little Guy were totally grossed out, but I ask you once more…what’s a girl to do?

Our whole visit lasted 10 minutes. Our drive time – just over 2 hours. It was worth it though, to blow my honey a kiss (from 6′ away). Even though we haven’t been anywhere, we still practiced social distancing.  It’s probably the biggest “adventure” I’ve been on in a long time.

Dear Diary – does marching on the spot while eating pumpkin pie, with my hands, count as exercise? I know the answer but I thought I’d ask. Happy Weekend!