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The word, hunker,  first emerged in the Scots language in the 18th century. It originally referred to squatting down on the balls of one’s feet, keeping low to the ground but still ready to move if necessary. Lyndon  Johnson used it to mean “get down to  work”.

Mourning Dove_ed

This is a proper hunker. Notice the balanced stance, the hunched shoulders and the absent neck.  All that is missing is chocolate or Doritos – Nacho cheese flavour- and the t.v. remote.

Take my feathered friends’ advice: Keep Calm and Hunker Down. [Notice that I said ‘take my feathered friends’ advice’, and not mine. That’s because if we’re ever in a situation where I am the voice of reason, we are in serious trouble].

Keep your stick on the ice. We’ll get through this together. – Red Green

Happy Monday!

The Origin of Hunker Down: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-stormy-origins-of-hunker-down-1505490652