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This 1950’s Federal Glass Clover Blossom cup and saucer are part of a full set of dishes, that were a wedding gift to my in-laws over 55 years ago. It survived the long journey across the ocean when Hubby’s family immigrated to Canada in 1970.


Federal Glass was established in Columbus Ohio in 1900 by George and Robert J. Beatty.

Milk Glass resembles porcelain, and is a term used by glass-makers for opaque white glass. The opaque colour is usually made with tin oxide. Semi-opaque white glass was  made with ash from calcined bones (roasted in high heat). It has been called opal, opaline, or milk-and-water glass.

Milk glass was first made in 14th or 15th century Venice and became popular in the 17th to 18th centuries. During that period, it was often embellished with enamel paint.

The pink and silver pattern on these dishes is faded now, after serving many family meals and sharing many pots of tea.

At Christmas, tea is compulsory. Relatives are optional. ― Robert Godden

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