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It seems New Year’s is the time for reflection…reflection on past hurts, past loves, past mistakes. Perhaps you are already reflecting on your mistake of staying up too late last night. 🙂

It can also be a time for redemption and renewal. We “resolve” to change, to do better, to be better.

Some of us will succeed. Some of us will succeed…less.

Most of us will make plenty of mistakes along the way. We must choose how we allow those mistakes, and successes, to define who we are.

Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. – Mary Lou Cook

I am suddenly faced with a new year filled with blank pages and precarious plans. I have no job, but I have a family. I have dreams, and I have fears. I have a past, but I also have a future. I am no stranger to uncertain, inauspicious beginnings. I know that uncertainty can sometimes lead to the most beautiful chapters of our lives. This may be just the year that I start to share my “mistakes”, so I can reconcile things that war within. And in the process, see a clearer picture of where God’s journey leads me next.


Absolutely a photographic mistake but I like it…

Whatever adventures fill the surfaces of your blank pages this year, may they also be filled with courage and creativity.

Happy New Year!