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I think maybe, if I could be a Canadian super hero, I’d have some kind of freezing power and some sort of maple syrup weapon. Could be a little sticky. – Nathan Fillion

Go ahead and poke fun, but we Canadians love our maple syrup. It’s tasty on waffles, pancakes, ice-cream, or straight from the jar! It was no great surprise that Big Guy gave me a tea for Christmas with “maple syrup” in the name. I gave my mom the same thing!

Last night, the three of us shared a pot. Mom needed tea for refreshment after a long drive. Big Guy needed comfort after suffering all weekend with a bad head dose. I needed something sweet.


Maple Syrup Oolong is both sweet and satisfying. In addition to oolong tea, it contains apple, candied papaya, raisins, buckwheat seeds, roasted chicory root, maple sugar, and stevia extract. Surprisingly, this tea has a low caffeine rating; Oolong tea is normally rated moderate to high. I would assume that with the lower rating, a minimal amount of oolong tea is used, and the tea is more of a chicory root, buckwheat and fruit infusion.

In any event, this tea is sweet and satisfying. The buckwheat and chicory provide a deep roasted flavour. The tea is sweet but not cloying, and without looking at the ingredients, I would have guessed it contained some spices. If you expect the tea to taste like pure maple syrup on waffles, you will be disappointed.  Maple is present but very subtle. However, this tea is a delight to the senses whether for a weekend brunch with friends, or an evening comfort with family.


We woke this morning to a world covered in ice, so since we’re not going anywhere today, time to put the kettle on!

Happy Monday!