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This weekend, I tried more than just new recipes for sweet treats; I tried making my own tea blend. The inspiration came from a link my cousin shared with me.

Homemade Chai 1_ed.JPG

I only made half the recipe in case this proved to be a disaster. To that end, I purchased small amounts of cardamom pods, cloves, black peppercorns, and cinnamon sticks from The Bulk Barn. Altogether, they cost me just over $1. I opened a Tetley tea bag for my tea leaves (but I didn’t bother measuring).

The night before I put this together, I also dried my own ginger by slicing it thinly and baking it on parchment paper, at 120F for 60 minutes. I also left it in the cold oven overnight. The only ingredient I didn’t have was the maple chai flakes.

Homemade Chai 2_ed

I was able to make over 2 pots of tea with half of this recipe. It was really good, although I might venture to say that it didn’t have the same complex flavours as commercial chai. For example, I found the ginger and clove very strong. In fact, I added more hot water to the first pot to “mellow” it for my taste buds. I probably would be willing to try it again, and I might experiment with the flavours (i.e., less ginger and the addition of another spice).

In the past I have given homemade jams,baked goods, and beverage mixes as gifts. A blend of homemade chai might be the perfect gift for another “tea granny” like me.

Happiness is home-made!

Happy Monday!