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It’s the first Monday of October, and the next three Mondays will be all about chai. While we’ve still enjoyed some extremely hot, summer temperatures, there is a definite chill in the air. Perfect for evening campfires!


S’morons…parents who get way too excited about making s’mores!

S’mores are gooey goodness – toasted marshmallow and chocolate smushed between two graham crackers – and reviews of David’s s’mores chai rave about a toasty, decadent fudgy flavour. Reviews also recommend this tea as an iced tea or latte. Maybe when it’s warmer…

David’s s’mores chai is a pu’erh tea, with a mixture of brittle hazelnut pieces, cinnamon, sugar, marshmallow, and chocolate chips. It has a medium caffeine rating. It should be steeped at just below boiling (95C), and I steeped it longer than the recommended 5 minutes.

I first tried this tea huddled up next to a campfire. Some would say that this tea doesn’t really qualify as chai. Normally, chai is a blend of tea leaves and spices, like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves or peppercorns. Chai usually has some bite or heat to it. This tea only had cinnamon as its spice, so while it didn’t have a bite to it, the cinnamon was definitely present, providing a little heat to compliment the chocolate. It smells like graham crackers!  And while the texture was reminiscent of a thin hot chocolate, it was still a smooth, delicious, and warming evening treat. I expect it will also compliment long winter days with a good book and a warm a blanket, or a sensational snack after building a snowman!

Warm sweaters. Warm memories.
Hot dogs. Marshmallows. S’mores.

Smores chai

Thanks to Hubby for modeling for me, so I could work the camera and not spill my tea by  the fire!

Happy Monday!