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This burgundy and gold fluted coffee set was a wedding gift given to my parents-in-law over 50 years ago. It traveled with them to Canada when they immigrated from Ireland in 1970. Hubby remembers being amazed by it as a kid, assuming it was very valuable because there was so much shiny gold.

Wade Coffee Set_ed

The Wade Group of Potteries started in 1810 near Burslem, England. Early in the 20th century, a number of potteries merged to become George Wade & Son, Ltd.

In 1945, post-war industrial ceramics were in great demand so the Wade company purchased an old mill in Bann, Portadown, Northern Ireland.

In 1954, Wade Whimsies were introduced and almost immediately became a huge success. This included the Red Tea Whimsies, which are still prized collectibles.

Wade cup_ed

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