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Sunrise. On the last day of vacation. Really? The last to sleep in. The last morning at the cottage to pad around in my pjs and eat a leisurely breakfast, before packing up to head home.

I’ll be honest. It was hard to roll out of bed. When Big Guy came knocking on my bedroom door, the temptation to just. not. move. was overwhelming.

It was dark.

It was rather cold and I hadn’t packed warm clothes that were warm enough.

But the sight from the dock was breathtaking.

Sunrise 2


Drink deep in the morning, see what the day will bring. – Skillet, American Noise

Last Morning

Earlier in the week, Big Guy and I headed to the beach to watch the sunset. I’ll share those photos later this month.

Have you ever wondered what the beach looks like at 7 a.m.? I’ll show you on Wednesday!

This life could almost kill ya
When you’re trying to survive
It’s good to be here with ya
And it’s good to be alive
-Skillet, Good to Be Alive

Now go put the kettle on. Take a deep breath. Have a Happy Monday!