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Last night, at 9 o’clock, I had big plans for the week. I had traveled through heavy rain and heavy traffic to spend a week with Little Guy at my parents’. We were going to shop, and eat ice cream, and lounge around the pool. We talked about going on a Ghost Walk tour one evening, and playing board games as the shadows grew long.

We were going to keep this pot hot and drink our fill. But…White tea pot ed

…last night around 9:30, I discovered that Little’s Guy’s Leadership-in-Training Camp started in the morning.

What a short vacation!

He had already spent 2 weeks with my parents, camping, travelling, playing games, and lounging around the pool. Now I’m really looking forward to time at the cottage we rented.

So today, we’re packing my Mom up with us and heading back to the city, where we are making plans to play games, go shopping, and yes, keep the tea pot filled.

May your tea be strong and your Monday be short.