It’s that time again! Vacation Bible Camp! And we are travelling in space…

Four years ago, Little Guy became a Junior Leader in Training, and we put together a list of things he learned when about serving others through volunteering:

  1. It’s not always about you. Chasing balls, blowing bubbles, and picking up wet sponges after little kids in the summer heat for 3 hours, is sometimes tiring and boring. Leading sometimes means doing dirty jobs behind the scenes. But it also means getting the job done, setting others up for success, and making happy memories for others along the way.
  2. No job is too small or unimportant. From teaching memory verses, leading songs and preparing snacks, to painting sets and running games. Every job is important. If no one sets up the sidewalk chalk, there wouldn’t be any beautiful drawings.
  3. Age is irrelevant. Too many people make excuses. The volunteers this week ranged from 10 to over 80! While not everyone could do every job, everyone had a job to do!
  4. Many hands make light work. When everyone works together, the job gets done faster…and it can be more fun! (Sometimes there’s even pizza).

This year, we added another one more.

5. Find something you love to do and then do it with all your heart. This year, Little Guy is Mr. Techy in the soundbooth. In addition to running the soundboard, music and videos, he also spent hours preparing additional humorous slides to keep the kids on their toes during the “Kid Vid” sessions. It matches his personality and skills beautifully. I, on the other hand, am blessed to be in the morning skits again , and I asked if I could reprise my role as a lisping spastic nerd,  Ima Victor.

When staff go wild!

* * *

We teach our kids to wait their turn, to make friends, to “play nice” in the sandbox. And even though the sandbox gets larger every year and they meet people who kick sand in their faces, we still expect them to be considerate to others. We tell them they can make a difference in their world by showing mercy and living heart to heart… 

Teaching our kids to be leaders is like running a relay race. As adults, we need to strive to pass the baton to our young runners. We can’t just teach them with our words; we have to train them up by actively participating and modelling a servant heart. One day, in the not-so-distant future, Little Guy and the generations after him, will be in key leadership positions; how we ran the race and passed the baton will be just as important then, as it is right now.

The most powerful way to change the world is to live our lives in front of our children the way we would like the world to be. -Graham R. White