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I love summer.

I love the promise of adventure and rest. I love the lighter schedules and I don’t miss the constant deadlines. I love the gardens and most of God’s little creatures. And I love not freezing every waking moment! Flamingo Fresca 1

I also love the kitchy pink flamingos and the bright colour in David’s Flamingo Fresca tea. This white tea boasts a tart, fruity flavour of strawberries, pineapple and passion fruit. It also contains apple, carrot, orange peel, hibiscus and marigold blossoms, beetroot juice, and lemongrass. Flamingo Fresca 2

Be like a flamingo. Stay balanced. Stand by your flock. Always be fabulous!

I drink hot tea year-round, and while I adored the fruity flavour, as a hot tea, it reminded me of warm fruit punch. It would, however, be a fabulous iced tea. And since it’s summer, bring on the chink of ice in a glass!