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This morning, my boys and I are feeling it! We attended a rock concert Saturday night to see our favourite band, Skillet. Little Guy also did a lot of roller coasters, including three plunges down the new Yukon Striker, the world’s longest, tallest and fastest dive coaster. (No thanks!)
Our throats are raw, our bodies are sore, and I feel just like I did after I ran in Mud Hero.
It was totally worth it!
So this morning I reached for an “energy boosting” – David’s Jumpy Monkey! It’s an Argentinian maté (yerba and green) that includes freshly roasted peaberry coffee beans, almonds, white chocolate, olive leaf, Brazil and Kenya green coffee, and chicory.
Did you know coffee is a fruit?  Fruit have flesh that normally protects seeds. In a coffee bean, there are 2 seeds compressed together, giving it flat sides.  Peaberries are a genetic mutation with only one seed which means the bean isn’t flat but rather round, like a pea. They cannot be forced to grow this way, so they have to be sorted. This of course, increases the costs to produce. Arguments about whether the quality or flavour warrants a greater cost, is both subjective and highly contentious.
Jumpy Monkey_ed
All I know is that Jumpy Monkey is both sweet and nutty, and hopefully will help me get in gear, because it’s Monday, and I have to get back to reality. Still, I got to scratch this off my bucket list!
Light it up, light it up, now I’m burning
Feel the rush, feel the rush of adrenaline
We are young, we are strong, we will rise
‘Cause I’m back, back, back from the dead tonight – Skillet
Well…maybe after more tea! Rock on!