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“What’s the buzz about (fill in the blank)…?” It’s a phrase we use when we talk excitedly, like a swarm of bees, about the latest gossip. So today in what’s in my cup, I’m buzzing about The Buzz.

This blend of green tea, matcha green tea, and yerba mate has a citrus hit from orange and lemon peel, guarana powder, and lemongrass. It also has a big hit of heat from the ginger, licorice root, quince, and white ginseng!

Guarana is a Brazilian plant native to the Amazon, not something from a bat cave. The mature guarana fruit is about the size of a coffee berry, which seeds are processed into a powder. It contains therapeutic properties, as well as an impressive range of stimulants, such as caffeine, and antioxidants. Low doses of guarana can improve mood, learning and memory. What was I talking about?

The other ingredient I looked into, having only seen it on Masterchef Australia, is quince.  It is a bright-yellow fruit that is described as a cross between an apple and a pear. It has a tart or bitter flavor, and smells like a tropical fruit. Quince is purported to prevent cancer, aid in weight loss, improve skin care, and more!

This tea is bold and bright. It has citrus notes with a lemongrass undertone and a slight bitterness to it. I think what struck me most was the incredibly strong heat from this tea that tingles the tongue and warms the throat. Ginger, ginger, ginger!

This tea will definitely wake you up and get the creative juices flowing!

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This tea will definitely wake you up and get the creative juices flowing!

Creativity is intelligence having fun! – Albert Einstein

Go be creative – Happy Monday!