Dear Diary –

I wet my pants at work today.

I went to drain the last dregs of tea in my travel mug. Somehow the lid magically loosened and instead of slaking my thirst, I ended up wearing my tea. It was lukewarm, and when I stood up, the puddle ran down past my knees!

The pastor was in his office, having just returned from a trip to the loo (I suspect), so I hoped it was safe as I whipped off my top. Thankfully I had a camisole underneath it, which was never meant to be seen. It had ripped lace and spaghetti straps, not exactly professional office wear, so I grabbed a tight, dusty cardigan peeking out from under my desk, and buttoned it up. Now I really looked the part of an aged gatekeeper in the cubicle of purgatory.

miss piggy

The other pastor returned with his lunch, to find me draped over the wall heater. I felt like Miss Piggy splayed over the hood of a muscle car!

He was kind enough to not to comment.   That’s one of the things I like about him.

* * *


Dear Diary-

The car was already parked at the front before I arrived. It was such a beautiful day and I was early so I walked about the perimeter of the property…twice…and practiced deep breathing. Once I was sufficiently oxygenated (or just plain nauseous), I entered the building, armed with 2 travels mug of tea (different flavours). I almost made it through the second set of double doors before people started talking to me…

There is not enough caffeine in the world!

.* * *

Dear Diary –

An elderly gentleman came to the door this morning. He wanted to thank me for sharing my “church cheat sheet” (aka list of local churches’ contact info.). He had visited me a few months ago, trying to find a young couple who were getting married. They had been special students of his wife many years back, and he wanted to invite them to his wife’s 80th birthday party.

It turns out he did find them and they accepted the invitation. The party was a success and his wife was overjoyed to connect with them again.

While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.
– Matt Bevin

Happy Weekend!