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Yesterday was my first day back to work after the holidays. It felt like a Monday. First, I woke up to this:


Pretty to look at, but not enjoyable for driving. Armed with 2 travel mugs (one with black tea and one filled with coffee pu’er tea), I dragged my aching body to the car. Hubby commented I looked pale.

I had just left for work, when I scratched my arm and discovered my Fitbit was missing. Did the band break…or did I just forget to put it on after my shower? My brain immediately flashed to an image of my electronic device lying in the snow, or worse, crushed in the driveway…in the snow. So I pulled over at the second gas station and called home on my cell phone. Little Guy and Hubby were there, and they could find it. With any luck, if it was outside, they could find it in time.

The first time I called, someone hung up on me. The second time I called, Little Guy answered the phone. He sounded as sleepy as I felt. I asked him to look for my Fitbit, starting in the bathroom. He was on the cordless phone, so he took me with him as he checked. It wasn’t there. I asked him to check the bedroom and kitchen, and to have Dad call me at work if he found it. I still needed to get to work.

But as I conveyed this final message, intending to hang up and keep going, I scratched my arm (wool mittens are itchy)…and realized, my Fitbit was on my right wrist (not the correct wrist). I had remembered to put it on after all (just not on the wrist I’ve been wearing it on for the last 18 months). Crap! I had no choice but to confess to Little Guy that I had found it…on my other wrist, and he snarked “I’m hanging up on you now”. That sounded about right!

I was alone most of the day, which gave me time to sort out my ransacked desk and re-adjust my chair. Someone had fun in my absence. Hubby and Little Guy were kind enough to pick up lunch…unfortunately my “digestive aid” pills had rolled from my purse at some point, and I couldn’t eat it.

But I made it through the day, and thanks to my fabulous chiropractor, I could breathe again. Just in time to get groceries. In the snow.

I know I’ve said it a few times already but – Happy New Year? Ugh…

And though he tries with all his heart, my horse couldn’t catch a golfing cart
Some days I hate to go to work. – Arrogant Worms, The Mountie Song

Enjoy the weekend!