“Someone’s at the door, Little Guy mumbled from the couch. I was busy in the kitchen, washing dishes, cooking, and getting ready to wash the kitchen floor. So I did what I usually did – I backed into the corner of the room so whoever was at the door, couldn’t see me. And I waited.

They tapped lightly on the glass.

I cowered there, mumbling “just go away”  to myself.

But then, I heard the latch on the door click and the hinges sing as the door slowly creaked opened. I’ve heard of nervy door-to-door sales people, but this was too much! What kind of psycho lets themselves into a stranger’s home?


It turns out it was my father-in-law. We had invited him up for the weekend but…he was 24 hours early! Somehow he had lost track of the days and thought it was Friday. We’ve all done that at some point, only to be horrified to find out the work week wasn’t over.

So I was all like…


“Hiya, come on in. Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you something to drink? “

Chicken was in the oven and rice was on the stove. I could toss in a few more peas in the pot and stress bake some homemade sage biscuits. The floor could wait. I could sneak down later to finish making his bed. It’s all good.

And then I remembered it’s Thursday. Hubby had a church board meeting at 7, which could last half that night. That meant…I was going to have to entertain my father-in-law alone for the evening.  Every girl’s dream!


Happy Weekend!