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Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fall is the season for juicy apple crisp, spicy carrot cake, and sweet pumpkin pie.  But just because the bulky sweaters are coming out of storage, doesn’t mean we can afford extra bulk under those sweaters. Here’s a better way to stay warm and enjoy the sweet flavours of autumn.

Often, apple-flavoured teas are overly sweet or simply lack the depth and tartness of flavour to really satisfy, so I was very pleased with Pluck’s Apple Crumble.  It contains dried apple, cinnamon, rosehip, citrus peel, hibiscus, and cornflowers. You’ll notice that tea is not listed in the ingredients.  Apple Crumble is an all natural, herbal infusion or tisane. When steeped in boiling water, the herbs, spices and other plant materials infuse to create a flavoured beverage. In this case, a hot beverage that is very reminiscent of a spiced apple dessert. The smell strongest smell is of apple and cinnamon, as is the flavour. The colour, when steeped, is a lovely rosy hue. Yum!

Apple Crisp (800x533)

Pluck is a Canadian company, founded in 2012 (their founder’s name is Jennifer!).  In 2017, this company was honoured with a silver medal for their Verbena Blue Tea from the Global Tea Championship. It sources its tea from Ethical Tea Partnership sources and local growers, and artisan producers. They blend its tea are blended in small batches for quality control. This Christmas, I think I’ll be asking my family to sign me up for the Pluck of the Month Club!

You can’t compare an apple to an orange. It will cause a lot of self-esteem issues. Craig Sheffer

Happy Monday!