Last night, Hubby started snickering over his iPad, so I waited for him to share the joke. Turns out he was reading an article on why people are putting fitness trackers on toilet paper in China.  Yeah, that caught my attention too!

We had to see this for ourselves! My resting heart rate is 69-73.

Fitbit Water Bottle

Hubby’s water bottle’s heart rate is in my cardio range!

Fitbit Banana

This banana gave me an a-peeling idea! I can sit on the couch with my feet up, watching cooking competitions, while my fruit does cardio. If I sit long enough, my stats will show lots of “active time”! When it’s done, I can reward myself with a banana cream pie or a banana daiquiri,

So how does an inanimate objects, like toilet paper rolls, get a heartbeat rating?

Heartbeat trackers direct green light at the user. Blood absorbs green light, so as our activity level & blood flow increases, we absorb more green light and therefore, getting a higher reading.

While toilet paper rolls absorb some green light, surfaces, like mugs or bananas, are more reflective and therefore display a heart rate more quickly and consistently.

Here’s the Bottom line: Fitness trackers were designed to read human heart rates, so you can trust it. And it you want to “cheat” on your stats with your t.p. roll, just not too often…those banana cream pies will catch up with you.

I sink like a stone that’s been thrown in the ocean
My logic has drowned in a sea of emotion
Stop before you start
Be still my beating heart
– Sting, Be Still My Beating Heart

Happy Weekend!