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Hubby and I enjoyed a No Kids Weekend, which included a double date at a trendy Asian fusion restaurant. The food was amazing! So was the company. After dinner, we were invited to their home for coffee and dessert.

Traditionally, dessert was served first, followed by coffee, once the dessert dishes were removed. It was the signal for the men and women to separate. Women usually retired to the “drawing room”, in order to escape the offensive aroma of cigars (and possible offensive conversation).

These days, coffee or tea is often served at the same time as dessert. Some people find coffee, espresso or a strong cup of tea helps to cut the sweetness or richness of dessert. In this case, dessert and coffee may be served at the dinner table to encourage the continuation of lively conversation, or after retiring to another room for a more relaxed atmosphere.

In some parts of the world, to not round out a meal with a cup of coffee or tea, would be inhospitable. And unlike the morning (when bigger is better), a small, dark cup of coffee, espresso  or strong tea, is preferably, and usually served in a tea cup.

Personally, I like to drink a strong cup of tea (from a china tea cup), throughout my meal. Why wait for dessert? Even better…let’s start with dessert!

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Happy Monday!

Correct Ways to Serve After Dinner Coffee in the Western World